I would like to ask that if it is possible to track a user of a certain book; of who and when the user used the book. For example, student_1 (with name and class) used the book at 1:00 PM today, then the system will automatically records the transactions. Also, it will record the student of what he did in the book; creating notes, highlights, answering assessments, and etc?

Accounts and time books used, I can confirm that We don’t have an UI to view all the requested statistic report. Following is the information we capture in our Raw tracking service.

What is the difference between a various role in the admin panel?

Producer – Creates Book
Tester – Tests the published books before archival
Widget Author – Create and publish activities
Licence Manager – Generates and manages license
Client Admin – Client Administrator
Note: The admin account has all the above roles.

I have a customer who is getting the error when they try to launch a book from there LMS: "Google Chrome OS does not support launching an external application to the handle kitaboo reader: links." The LMS links work fine when the customer is on a computer; the error is encountered only on their Chromebooks. The customer also says that they can launch a book in Chrome on their Chromebook when they don’t go through their LMS but use the reader app directly. I am helping the customer look at the firewall, extension, and permission issues. But I thought I would share with you in case you have seen it before.Also, can you confirm what extensions if any a browser requires to launch a book and use in kitaboo reader?

When the LMS is accessed from device and Kitaboo book is launched, by default Kitaboo tries to open the book in native Kitaboo app.

So if you are on an android device and launch book from LMS, Kitaboo will check for native Kitaboo app and on iPad/iphone kitaboo open in iOS app.

Kindly revert at product.support@hurix.com and we would configure the settings, to always open the books in online Kitaboo Reader only.

LMS Error

LMS Error

Is there a way for a student to share their entire book with their teacher? We would like students to write answers in text boxes, but are not sure how the teacher would see these. I’ve attached a screenshot of an example of this?

Yes, there is a way to share students text inputs (write the answer in text boxes) to their instructor. Here are the steps to do so.
i – Login as a “learner”, launch a title and go to the page where text inputs are placed.
ii – Write the answer and click on submit button, located in the toolbar as highlighted in the screenshot shared.
(refer Screenshot no 1)
iii – Log-in to “Instructor” and click on the “Review” icon, highlighted in the screenshot below.
(refer Screenshot no 2)
iv – A list of students will appear under the student list, click on the desired student name (by which answer submitted) and will redirect to the submitted answer page

Snapshot is of Teacher view for review student data

Snapshot is of Teacher view for review student data

Click on submit button to submit answers to teacher

Click on submit button to submit answers to teacher

Can I upload DEMO Versions of their Digital eBooks created using Kitaboo Platforms on my Website?

Currently we do not have a feature where books can be launched from client website’s directly without any integration with Kitaboo cloud.
For launching books from client’s portals we have the LaunchBook API.
Client portals can call this API for launching Kitaboo books.

Is it possible to forward the eBook answers to an existing LMS?

Yes, it is possible to forward the eBook answers to an existing LMS. For this, We would be requesting an API link so that we can consume this data and pass the student response to LMS.