I am a live user and I want to create books in kitaboo, what is the URL?

User needs to login in https://create.kitaboo.com/home.xhtml

On Logging in with valid credentials I face the following error “Invalid Username and/or Password”

Kindly make sure the following:

1. Username is not case sensitive
2. Password is case sensitive

login error username

Invalid Username and/or Password

On Logging in with valid credentials I face the following error “Invalid Username.”

Kindly make sure the following:
Make sure the Username is in format
i. xx@xx.xx
ii. x.x@xx.xx.xx

Invalid Username.

Invalid Username.

On Logging in with valid credentials I face the following error “Account expired cannot login.”

Kindly contact “http://support.kitaboo.com” and raise a ticket

login error when account expires

On Logging in with valid credentials I face the following error “You are not authorized to login.”

The user does not have admin rights and it is either an instructor / learner. Kindly login in native or online player to login

You are not authorized to login

You are not authorized to login

Upon logging in to our accounts, a pop-up notification appeared saying we have only 13 days to archive the books; or else, they will be automatically deleted? Can you explain about this feature?

The main objectives of this feature are to auto delete all the eBook/ePub which are present “In progress” section & which is 1 month older, The user gets a warning notification message on 15th, 22nd, 27th of every month, User can stop deleting them by archiving the old eBook/ePub. But if your book is of update or duplicate then this rule would not be valid. This feature is only for New created books.
Note : Once the eBook/ePub get auto-deleted from create.kitaboo.com then it’s not recoverable.

What is the minimum character length requirement for the creation of user name and password?

For User name, it is 6
For Password, it is 4.

Kitaboo Publisher Login Credentials pertains to logging into create.kitaboo.com. The same credentials cannot be used to log into read.kitaboo.com. Please confirm?

This is to update you that only admin and publisher login of create.kitaboo.com can login to read.kitaboo.com to view the published books (not archived books). Distributor / Publisher login credentials will not work on read.kitaboo.com.

when I create a tester account, how do I get it so I can use that account to view a book? It states this should work before archiving, which I‘ve done but still doesn’t appear. can you assist?

You can use your Kitaboo Publisher Tester account credentials to login into https://read.kitaboo.com/reader/MobileReader/index.html
to check all the published books before archiving them. Once the book is archived it is moved to the content server and then the book cannot be preview in the Tester account.