What is the Environment Matrix for iOS Version of application?

Platform: iOS8.0+
Permitted Devices: iPad2,iPad3,iPad4, iPad Air, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad Mini

What is the Environment Matrix for Android Version of application?

Platform: Android 4.2+
Permitted Devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8”, Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10”, Asus Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10, LG Nexus 5 (smartphone), HTC Nexus 9, Samsung Galaxy S4 (smartphone), Samsung Galaxy Note3

What is the Environment Matrix for HTML Version of application?

Kindly note Online / Offline Reader isn’t fully feature supported in Windows 10 touch-based devices.

HTML Environment Matrix

HTML Environment Matrix

What is the Environment Matrix for Windows native Version of application?

Kindly note Online / Offline Reader isn’t fully feature supported in Windows 10 touch-based devices.
For rest kindly check the attached screenshot

Native Environment Matrix

Native Environment Matrix

I cannot install the application on my iPad; It gives me certificate error?

Kindly follow the steps given in the following link

How much time does it take to make an app live?

It takes an average time from 5 days to 7 days time.

I Delete a book, but the book is visible on my book shelf, why?

When a user deletes a downloaded book, It clears the space from the device and does not disassociate the book from user login, To disassociate the book from the user, It is advisable to contact the publisher.

Multiple learners uses the device to download books, If I am deleting a book from one user; It is not clearing space from my device, why?

In the case of multiple logins from the same device, Every user has to login in the device to delete the book from his account, only then the system deletes the book and space are cleared.

The package I am downloading is 10 MB but after downloading the package size gets increased to 13 MB, Why?

When a user downloads the book, it shows the value in zip format, after downloading the books it unzips the package and installs the book in the file system which adds on the access data.

Can I read my book Offline?

Once you have a login and downloaded the book, You can read your book offline. But student submission, Bookmark UGC syncing, and Analytics would not be reflected.

The limit of how long a user can read the book offline depends on autologin and session expiry.

What is the difference between auto-login and session expiry?

Auto-login, if checked, is to allow the offline readers for forceful re-login in offline mode.
Session expiry if checked is to allow the online readers for forceful re-login in online mode.

I have updated the book still I do not see the updates on my online player, Why?

Kindly refresh the cache and try again.

I am installing offline installer, Is there anything I should be aware of?

Following is the checklist before installing offline installer for smooth functioning
1.User should be admin
2. Port 8000 to 8500 should be open
3. Following ex should not be blocked from Windows firewall
a- culr.exe
b- download.exe
c- fileUnzip.exe
d- run.exe
e- unzip.exe
4. Kindly make sure following extensions are not blocked
a- *.txt
b- *.jpg
c- *.png
d- *.gif
e- *.zip
5. The following domain should not be blocked in firewall
i. https://hurix-installer.s3.amazonaws.com
ii. http://localhost:8000/
iii. read.kitaboo.com
iv. Create.kitaboo.com
v. http://preview.kitaboo.com
vi. https://*.kitaboo.com
6. User should have write rights to write files to the following location
C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Roaming\

Please suggest a solution if a user has a licence with device limit 2 and he has already installed book in offline on 2 devices. What if the user bought a new device and discounted his old device how will he be able to install in his new device?

The user need to delete the book from the old device and use it in the new device.

How about a user logged inside the iPad app and same user account used to login inside online reader? What will happen then?

If the user was logged into the iPad app and then logs into the online reader then the user will be able to use the online reader until any activity is performed or bookshelf is refreshed on iPad app. Once the user clicks on any activity on iPad app the session will expire for the online reader.

What are the functionalities I can and cannot use when an iPad is offline?

Functionalities which I can use
i. Book Open
ii. Back to bookshelf
iii. page navigation
iv. Adding of bookmark
v. adding notes
vi. creating highlights
viii. TOC Navigation
ix. Playing with resources which in line to book (not youtube)
x.thumbnail and all functionalities related to it
Functionalities which I cannot use
i. UGC Syncing
ii. Opening a resource which needs online like youtube, weblink opening
iii. Can signout but cannot sign in
iv. Forgot password
v. sign Up.

What is access code, for accessing the ebooks?

The access code is the numeric value which is provided by the publisher or the institute from which you have enrolled for reading book.

How many codes will be in case of group codes given if an order is created for 1 teacher and 100 students?

2 codes would be created by platform
1 for teacher 2nd code can be used by 100 students.

Are group codes linked automatically to that book?

Yes, The code gets linked to the book for which order is created.

Can an extra teacher/student be added to a group once a class is created with group code licence?

No, The group is restricted to the amount of licence created during the order.

Is there a limit for a number of students in a class?

Yes, a class can have 999 users. Irrespective of students and teachers.

Can we set an expiry to both student and teacher account for a class is created with group code licence ?

No, However, you can disable the user or can revoke the book access from a class. Also, you can set the expiry date of the class while giving licence.

What are the languages supported by Player?

Following are the languages in which a publisher can create books and supported by player
i. English
ii. All European
iii. Indian regional languages.

If I give max device count as 1, then login should not work on more than one tablet?

When you create an order for a book having device limit 1, then that means that user cannot download the book more than 1 book unless or until he deletes that book from other devices.

What happens if someone loads data in one tablet...goes off wifi and then loads on another equipment?

If “user 1” logs in Device “A” and downloads and opens a book “X”, which has device limit 1, then if he goes offline and goes to device “B”
and if tried to download book, then book download will fail for user “B”

Can a teacher see and comment on a student sticky note. Or how does a teacher comment on students work in Kitaboo?

Yes, A teacher can see and comment on student sticky note, When a student shares a sticky note with Teacher and Teacher accepts the note, The teacher then can open the sticky note and he would see a comment box at the bottom, Where a teacher and student can exchange comments on the created sticky note.

Note: If the owner of the note deletes the note, then it would be automatically removed from the shared users without any intimation.

Do you have any indication on how much download / upload data a standard book uses, when in use?

The data mainly depends on below factors
1. PDF:
Initial size of pdf
Number of pages
Number of Vector graphics in pdf pages
2. Markups:
The number of markup/resources like video, audio etc used as package contains all files used the size of each asset needs to be accounted for.
3. Book Type: If font permission was selected? if yes, then average page size will be 210kb if not selected, then average page size will be around 700kb.

How does a teacher comment on students work in Kitaboo?

For commenting on students work on FIB and drop down markups, the initial steps is the student should submit his work using the submit button, The teacher can then using the review button can comment on students work with the help of pen tool functionality.

Even after optimizing junk character displays in the reader, how to fix this?

The issue is with PDF. Kindly see the attached image. It is a sample example, For any PDF searching to be worked on kitaboo, its glyph character and pdf character should match.
Also, Hex value should be greater than 32.
To fix this error kindly provide the PDF to the creator.

Glyph Character

Glyph Character

Glyph Character real value

Glyph Character real value

Would it be possible in the future that we can delete the uploaded resources?

Currently, we do not have such feature however, the uploaded resources will not be added in the package unless or until we used it. If in case wrong resources get uploaded, do not use it instead, re-upload the correct file with a different name.

Is it possible for a teacher to share a page from an eBook only she has access to with students in the class?

Kitaboo does not have page level sharing provision, However, If needed, we can do this as a customization.

How does a student share their multiple choice quiz widget results with their teacher?

I see that you can submit your answer at the bottom, but this doesn’t seem to save their score or results anywhere.

Widgets answers can not be shared to the instructor or any class member. As widgets are used for exercise/training purposes and answers are evaluated instantly, therefore it is not significant to share these content with anyone.

Some notes are Blue in color, Some in Yellow and some in Red; What is the difference in them?

The Blue colour highlights are the highlights that are shared with you. You can find the details of the shared highlights by clicking on My Data > Highlights > Shared with Me.

The Yellow color highlights are the highlights that are created by the User. You can find the details of the created highlights by clicking on My Data > Highlights > My Highlights

The Red color highlights are the highlights that are created by the User. You can find the details of the created highlights by clicking on My Data > Highlights > My Highlights

In Player highlighting a word sometimes feels incorrect, For Ex, multiple words are selected as one?

PDF does not have word, line or paragraph. Hence kitaboo has developed algorithm which define word,line and paragraph block.

  • Definition of word : character sequence seperate by

                        1. space ” ” character
2. Y co-ordinate changes
3. gap between consecutive character is more than 20% of font size, (this is used for cases where PDF does not have space characters)

  • Definition of Line: Group of word having same Y co-ordinate
  • Definition of Paragraph: Group of line’s where GAP between lines is less than average line gap of the whole page.

How does a categorized bookshelf differ from Non-categorized book shelf?

In case of non-categorized bookshelf, Books are arranged horizontally in alphabetical order as per the title of the book.

Kindly refer snapshot

In case of categorized bookshelf, Books are arranged vertically in alphabetical order of the subject of a book.
Kindly refer snapshot

Categorize Bookshelf

Categorize Bookshelf

Non- categorize Bookshelf

Non- categorize Bookshelf