Is there any limit of asset upload?

There is no limit on the number of asset upload. However, there is a restriction of upload of 25 MB.

I have an asset which is more than 25 MB, How can I upload it?

You can click on file picker which would open a pop up from where you can import/upload your asset greater than 25 MB.

I added a markup, but on preview I see two icons instead of one, Why is it so?

After adding a markup, while resizing the user has reduced the height and width of icon due to which the icon disappears for eye but it is visible in preview. For solving this issue kindly drop a ticket at

What resources are visible in resource library in Player?

Attached is the list of Markup type which should be visible in TOR under TOC.

Visible Resources

Visible Resources

I do not want Image markup to be Displayed in my Table of Resource when I see it in the player, How can I disable it?

On the markup type you can enable/disable a check “Display under the table of resources” you can see them or hide them under TOC.

Hide Image Resource

Hide Image Resource

There is a difference in time taken to save a markup from one page to other, why?

When you open a page and add a Markup on a page you never visited then it would take a long time as compared to a page you have once visited and added a markup at least once. Also, Would request you to save markups at an interval of 15 min so as to avoid loosing data due to session expiry.

The time is taken to publish, archive duplicate or update a book depends on the following:

1. Depends on the network speed you are connected to (Priority is low as the hit should go to server and then network speed is not a problem)
2. The number of books on thread for server
3. The number of pages in PDF
4. Number of markups added in the book

What would be the suggestion for adding markups?

Kindly check the attached Image for a detailed analysis.

Markup Suggestion

Markup Suggestion

What would be the suggestion for adding Widgets?

Kindly check the attached Image for a detailed analysis.

Widget Suggestion

Widget Suggestion

average time

What does it mean when a book has the status of Markup? I was going to archive this title, changed my mind, and clicked on Cancel. The book is still in the "In progress" section but now has a status of Markup. Would I like to make further changes to this book?

Following are the things you can do change while the book is in “Markup” state or the “In progress” state

1. Meta Data:
Meta data by clicking on the gray icon.
Note: ISBN cannot be changed
2. Mark-Up :
The user can click on the enrich button and can add or remove markups.
If the user wants to modify TOC or want to add or delete PDF’s, then the user; first needs to publish and archive. Once the book goes in Archive tab user can update the book.

Can you please let me know the character limit for all the readers (Android, iOS and Online) for the Text Input markup?

The character limit for text box markup is 1000 characters.

This is regarding go to page mark up function in creating a book?

There is an option where all you need to do is, place a go to page markup then click on “page” drop down menu and enter the desired page number instead of searching from the drop down. It will help to reduce the search effort.

Page mark up

Page mark up

Is it possible, on a page in a book, to add a dropdown with audio files? The books have a lot of audio and we wish to access it one place on the page?

The user can see all the resources of eBook within Table of Resources section of the reader. Having a separate interface/UI to show something similar as drop-down for any specific resource is not available in existing version.

while we are working to introduce a multi-link markup feature. Where user can add any number of files at single markup box added in enrich interface. This idea is currently in initial stage and is being discussed and evaluated for feasibility as well as change impact on platform, services and readers. User can then add any number of files at required place in PDF page and uncheck the “Display in Table of Resources” checkbox to avoid redundancy at TOR section.

Is it possible to make the icons for enriched content smaller? What is the size now, 32x32 px?

Currently, the blue circle which appears behind the icon are 50 x 50 px. and Font icons size is 2.1 em, which comes as 33 px. We can change the size as per suggested values. You can check and try different values by inspecting the element and changing the values for font-size and width, height as shown in the image.

values for font size

values for font size

We would like if there is a function in naming Title in Text Input and Drop down markups? Because we had noticed the Title appears in the Resources Table Of Contents when it is placed in the widget markup?

Just to inform you, Following are the markup for which the ‘title’ won’t show in the resource tab of Table of Content:
1. Weblink
2. Goto page
3. Drop Down
4. Text Input
5. Go-to-Book

Also for widget Markup, The title entered while adding the widget is displayed in the resource tab.

As you mentioned that you notice the title of drop down and text input, we request you to share the book details and login credentials. It will be very helpful if you can share the screen shot of resource tab ( where Title is displaying for the same ) as the screen shot shared earlier is of markup screen.

The purpose of having a title in the above-mentioned functions is just to display them as a Tooltip.


We noticed that on some aspects of kitaboo ex. in text input and drop down markup we cannot use apostrophe and double quotation mark as an answer because it is not supported by the system. Therefore, we would like to ask what characters are allowed in Kitaboo’s markup?

For Drop down following characters are allowed:
For the rest of markups following characters are allowed:

Is there a way to delete the uploaded mark up resources of the book? I would like to delete the uploaded images, same as for HTML wrap and any other resources?

This is to update you there is no way to remove the uploaded resource of the book.
However, if there are resources uploaded and not used within eBook then it will not be included in the final package.
e.g, if 10 images were uploaded and only 1 image has been used to the eBook then the associated image will be included in the final package.